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Tiger Eye Properties Logo Design by Consort Creative

Our Logo Design 5-point focus

1. Simple:
We create a clean and simple logo that is easily recognizable while ensuring it isn't too busy or confusing.
2. Memorable:
We ensure your new logo is easily and instantly recognizable.
3. Timeless:
Your logo should be great in 5 or even 10 years.
4. Appropriate:
Your logo will be sharp at different sizes, never loose quality and work across all media.
5. Versatile:
Your logo will resonate with your intended audience/target market.
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Consort Creative's looplyfe logo design specifications
Loop Lyfe Logo Specifications by Consort Creative

What is a Brand?

Your Brand is made up of the various elements that help represent your business.

Your band is what people think about you. It's what the public sees and experiences when they interact with your company, adds to the way they feel about your business.
The logo, font, colors and images that you use are part of your brand. They way your company shares it's vision, mission and values are make up your brand as well.
Your brand works 24/7 as it continues to represent your business when you aren't around.
Do you need a logo brand or identity?

What is the difference between a brand, identity and a logo?

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Branding packages can include:

• A Logo
• Brand Style Guide (color, font, image and logo use specifications)
• Business Collateral (business cards, letterheads etc)
• Brand Strategy (trends, competitor research, 17 step ZAG process)
• Brand related content
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We work with businesses help to establish branding or to refine existing branding elements.