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Whether you're starting a company from scratch, expanding to a new market, or revamping your brand strategy, we are here to help
4- Essential Components of Branding Chart - Brand Identity, Brand Personality, Brand Messaging, Brand Experience

Strategic Ascents: Your Brand Climb Start Here.

We weave identity, personality, messaging & experience into the DNA of our brand strategy services.

1. Identity
Your name logo, colors, & style are your identity. All visual communication, employee uniforms, lighting, location colors & more help identify your brand.
2. Personality
The human characteristics tone & voice, what your audience reads or hears & your brand personality traits should be reflectd in your brand.
3. Messaging
The mood set by visual communication, presentation and even senses can have an influence on client decisions and client refferals.
4. Experience
This is the values, mission statement & tone. What you stand for should be consistient everywhere your brand is seen and experienced.
African American Small Business Owner viewing her business website on a tablet.

Design Process: Brand Design

1. Kick Off Meeting
We start you brand journey by learning about your business. Our goal is to see what success looks like for your team and to build a plan to reach that success.
2. Proposal & Agreement
We create plan for a successful projects with terms we both agree to. The plan includes a quote, timeline, list of deliverables and a contract.
2. Art Direction & Concept
A concept give us a destination to work twoards. By turning words in to visuals, we show meaning, durability and visual flair.
4. Design Options
Logo and branding projects usually include 3 logo options, with refinement of the the final selection.
5. Option Refinement
Make the best options even better!
6. File Delivery
Final payment is made and files are delivered. Success!
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