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Repositioning Your Brand for a New Target Audience

Consort Creative
March 22, 2024

What Makes Your Brand Special?

A strong brand is like a star athlete in marketing. It helps your company shine and connect with the right people. Your brand’s message needs to be on point, or it won’t work. So how do you know if it’s time for a brand refresh?

  • New Fans, New Message: If your business has grown or your customers have changed, your brand message might need an update too. Find out who your new audience is and what they like. Do some research to understand their needs and tailor your message to connect better.
  • Standing Out in the Crowd: If your brand looks just like everyone else’s, it’s time to change it up. Check your messaging, personality, and overall look to see how you can be more unique. What makes your brand special? Think about the things you care about and what your customers might like. Are you kind to the environment? Do you help your community? Show these things off to connect with your audience.
  • Missing the Mark: Once you know your audience and competitors better, see how you’re presenting yourself. Is your message the same across all your marketing and advertising? Do your website, social media, and other stuff all look and feel similar? A clear and consistent brand is easier to remember. If your message is clear but people aren’t interested, you might need to rethink your entire brand message. You might also need a new logo, pictures, and personality to better reflect your new message.
  • Engagement is Down: The way you talk to your audience can also affect your brand. If you see fewer people visiting your website, liking your social media posts, or opening your emails, it might be a sign to revisit your brand message. Use information you collect online to see what works and what doesn’t. Are people staying on your website for a long time or leaving quickly? To grab attention, you need to create content that’s interesting and relevant.
  • Big Business Changes: If your business offerings have changed a lot, your brand message might need an update too. For example, a company that used to sell toys but now offers online games would need to reflect this shift in its message.
Repositioning Your Brand for a New Target Audience -  Brand Reposition, A Brand building graph on top of a desk.

Keeping Your Brand Strong

Repositioning your brand is like taking care of a garden. You need to check on it regularly and make changes as needed. If your brand isn’t connecting with customers, isn’t standing out, or is targeting the wrong audience, consider repositioning. By understanding your audience, competitors, and refining your message and identity, you can effectively reposition your brand for success.

  • During target audience analysis: Explore not just who your audience is, but also what kind of brand association you want to create with them. For instance, are you aiming for a brand perceived as reliable, innovative, or luxurious?
  • Competitive analysis: Don’t just identify what competitors do, but also  what image they’ve built. Understanding their positioning helps you choose a distinct space in the market.
  • Messaging and brand identity: Crafting messaging and visuals shouldn’t just be about clarity, but about  conveying the desired brand perception. For example, a brand aiming for a playful image might use a quirky logo and lighthearted language.

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