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These website form errors will cost your business thousands.

Von Holland
January 22, 2019

A few quick form fixes can increase your leads.

Technology moves fast. A thing that every business works on continuously is an effective website that will captures leads and is responsive on any device it’s being viewed on. You can optimize your website and have A-1 copy but your website form could be a disaster and cost your business thousands.

A simple form error like an extra field can be tragic. A good example of this is how Expedia’s extra data field in a billing form cost them 12 million dollars. The simple error caused transactions to fail and cost the company 12 million dollars in a single year! Crazy!

Here are a few of the most frequent form mistakes:

Complex CAPTCHAs

Face it. A lot of us fine those “Are you a human” questions annoying. Deciphering that jumbled text or finding all the images with busses in them slows us down. In a world with so many distractions, time is precious.

Studies have shown that CAPTCHAs reduce form conversions up to 40%. 40%!

An alternative to using CAPTCHAs and ensuring that robots aren’t filling out your forms is to use honeypot traps.  Honeypot implementation allows your users to fill out your form without jumping through hoops.

Stopping spam is important but not at the cost of losing valuable leads with form errors.

Unnecessary Questions

Marketo found that the longer the form is, the lower the conversion rate.

Try reducing the number of clicks needed to fill out a form. It makes it fast and more enjoyable to fill out a website form. Replacing dropdowns with image select questions is an example of a way to reduce the time it takes to fill out a form.

Vector Images of a laptop with a successful Website Form submission

Little or No User Testing

Remember when we talked about that form label error that cost Expedia millions? Simple user testing could have prevented that loss.

Other things that should be tested are how forms work on mobile devices, validation glitches, having form submissions sent to an incorrect email address and more. Test and Test again to increase leads.

General Rule

In conclusion, perhaps instead of asking why your forms aren’t doing well, ask how you can make the experience a user has when filling out your form as easy and quick as possible.

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