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Ways to Immediately Improve Your Websites SEO Rankings

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September 3, 2019

If you are working on keyword optimization but aren’t getting results, consider other ways to improve your SEO ranking.

What comes to mind when you see the letters “SEO“ ? Do you know where to focus your time and energy when you’re trying to improve the SEO ranking of your website?

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What is SEO?

Large search engines use algorithms to move relevant search results to the top of the page. These frequently changing algorithms are formulas used by search engines to determine what web pages, products or articles will be the most helpful to the searcher.

The exact way search engines create these algorithms is secret. However, there is enough public knowledge that webmasters use. The tips they research, boost website positions in search engine results. This process is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

What is SEO? It’s getting visitors to stay on and interact with your website can boost your Website SEO ranking. You can do this by implementing basic SEO best practices and by improving the user experience of your website.

How do we optimize our web pages?

Use Metadata

Using page titles, short page descriptions, informative page URL’s are important. Accurate metadata can help increase search result positioning.

Page Organization

Organizing pages in a good directory structure by topics, dates, product types and more increases your SEO Ranking.

Page Linking

Most search engines keep track of how much a web page is linked to itself. Using descriptive links on your webpage that link to other pages on your website increases your SEO ranking.

How do we increase our website usability?

Website usability consists of many elements. Most of these elements include design. Usability increases conversion.

  • Visitors need to find the information they are looking for fast.
  • Can visitors achieve tasks quickly. If they have trouble filling out a form or some other task they leave. This can negatively effect your SEO Ranking.
  • Can visitors navigate quickly, is it easy to use your website?
  • Can they find you again easily if they need more information? When users revisit your website in increases your website SEO Ranking
  • Are they any errors or broken links, ensure that nothing is broken as this has an effect on your Websites SEO ranking

Load Speed

If a visitor has to wait more than 3 seconds for your page to load they will leave. Use a caching plugin or a CDN like Cloudflare.

Image Optimization

Use the correct image formats and sizing. Use keywords for your image filenames. Use alt tags, titles and descriptions for your images as well.

Use Header Tags

Header tags and sub headlines help break up your content into sections that are easier to read. The easier your website is to read the longer someone stays on your website. That helps your Website SEO Ranking.

Outbound links

Linking references to trusted outside websites will get Google, Bing and Yahoo to trust your content more. Do not use too many outbound links though. You want to keep things easy to read.


Break up body copy with images, videos and audio. The search engines see it as quality content. This can also help your websites SEO ranking.

Mobile optimization

This is a BIG one, if your website doesn’t look good on cell phones, tablets and other devices Google will know it and push mobile ready websites above yours in search results.

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